The Owners

The owners

Hi there and welcome to the farm. We are the hardworking (and mostly exhausted) couple behind Old Forest Vale Farm. I’m Theresa and that is Anthony standing next to me.

We purchased the farm in 2015 and have spent this time transforming the property into a self sufficient haven for family, friends, b&b guests and of course, ourselves.

Our background is not in agriculture, in fact we both sat behind desks for the majority of our careers, with a yearning for a simpler life in the country. We now spend most of our time on farm (with a few desk days to pay the bills!), growing meat, vegetables and flowers and tending to our (far too big) house garden.

Our farm experience has been trial and error, learning on the job and sometimes we think too big, but what is the point otherwise? This is our dream, we live in a community of great people, we grow what we eat or we buy locally, we want to push the boundaries of what is possible on this 20 acre property and we want to share it with as many people as possible.


The Property


Old Forest Vale used to be bigger, much bigger. The house was divided off from the main farm many years ago, leaving this small 20 acre parcel with the original house. The house was built between the mid 1800’s and early 1900’s and it shows, with rooms off of rooms and many other interesting quirks.

Since moving in we have renovated the old girl, bringing her into this century while ensuring nods to her history.

As you know the house came with some land, this land consists of the house garden (around 4 acres), a 300 tree trufferie and a further 10 acre paddock.

We have worked on simplifying the garden to make life (and I mean weeding) a little easier, we have used the land around the trufferie for growing vegetables and garlic and have fenced the ‘big paddock’ into smaller rotation paddocks for our lovely ‘Aussie White’ ewes and the chicken caravan with our laying hens to improve our pasture and lay the most beautiful eggs.

Our future looks bright, as long as we can turn this property into a business venture that can support itself and us of course! We are lucky regardless, we get to live this life, in this place that we love, but to make our income from the farm, well that’s the big dream.

The Property